The crime of prescription drug fraud in Mississippi includes forging prescriptions , stealing prescription drugs, or buying them off the street.  Essentially it can be any possession, distribution or purchase without a valid prescription.  This is a serious and growing crime that affects individuals and their families.

We live in a society where prescription drugs are widely used and very easy to get.  This can lead people to become too dependent on them, and if they are cut off from their supply they’ll resort to anything to get more, including breaking the law.  Forging prescriptions, using a prescription that isn’t theirs, even buying pills right off the street from a drug dealer are all things that addicted people will do.

If you or someone you know has been charged with one of these offenses in North Mississippi, you should contact a Southaven prescription fraud attorney for help.  Prescription drug crimes in Mississippi can carry up to five years in prison and a $1,000 fine.  A felony conviction in particular is extremely damaging and can ruin a person’s life.

First-time offenders may have options such as drug court and supervised probation to avoid a jail sentence.  Later, you may have to petition the court to have the charge removed from your record.  Going to trial is always an option if you want to maintain your innocence, and if you were the recipient of an unlawful search or seizure by the police you can look into having the evidence suppressed.  But you’ll need to weigh the stress and expense of going to trial against the possibility of an easier resolution such as probation.  It’s all going to depend on the facts of the case.

Many people charged with prescription fraud in Mississippi are first-time offenders.  Many are professionals who would never be considered common criminals.  They need a seasoned advocate on their side, someone to guide them through the complex court system and fight for the best outcome.  Patrick Stegall is a Southaven prescription drug crime lawyer who can help.  He understands the difficulties of these cases and can work to get you a fair outcome.  Please contact him by email at or by phone at (901) 205-9894.

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