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Underage DUI Lawyer for North Mississippi

While most of my practice is focused on representing adults, I spend a good amount of time handling juvenile matters as well. With over six years’ experience in the courts, I have a comprehensive understanding of the juvenile court system, and the knowledge and dedication to protect the rights of your son or daughter. Contact me to schedule a free initial consultation.

Juvenile Crimes In Mississippi

The Mississippi justice system treats juveniles and minors differently from adults. Unlike in adult court, juvenile courts avoid punishment and instead focus on counseling, treatment, and therapy. Juveniles are not convicted; rather, they may be found delinquent. If so, a juvenile can be sentenced to probation, restitution and/or community service, but the finding will not go on their permanent record when they become a legal adult.

In some cases of violent crime, however, a juvenile may be charged as an adult and could face lengthy prison time, even life. These cases require thorough investigation and preparation.

Unlike juveniles, minors are adults legally but for certain alcohol-related crimes they may be treated differently. This is because of the difference between being an adult (18) and being able to legally possess and consume alcohol (21). For young men and women between the ages of 18 and 20, they may face charges of underage drinking or underage DUI.

The blood alcohol level for a DUI conviction for a minor is significant less than that for an adult. It is critical that they have a dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable lawyer to protect their rights.

Juvenile and Minor Criminal Defense Practice

At the Law Office of Patrick E. Stegall, I handle juvenile and minor criminal charges, including alcohol-related offenses, such a minors in possession, the illegal purchase of alcoholic beverages, or driving while under the influence of alcohol.

When I represent a young person, I’m essentially also representing his or her parents. I counsel the family all throughout the court process, keeping them informed and working for the best result. I also put a priority on keeping the juvenile client’s record clean and making sure any criminal charges are dismissed and sealed. This is crucial for young men and women applying for jobs and colleges.

For dedicated and knowledgeable representation in a juvenile matter in North Mississippi, contact my office to set up a free consultation.

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