Economic Crimes

Southaven Forgery Defense Lawyer

Embezzlement and Identity Theft in Mississippi
Mississippi economic crimes are non-violent offenses where money is alleged to have been taken from a person, company, or government agency. Unlike robbery, the money is not taken by force or threat but instead through more secretive means. In many cases the accused has a position of trust and authority given by the victim, such as between an employee and employer.

The different types of economic crimes in Mississippi include:
•Identity theft
•Medicare fraud
•Credit card fraud
•Computer fraud

Even though these are non-violent crimes, fraud and theft cases are taken very seriously by the courts. This is especially true in cases where the victim was vulnerable because of age or disability, or the accused violated a position of trust. In cases like this you could be looking at a lengthy prison sentence. In addition, most felony embezzlement, fraud and forgery cases in Mississippi cannot be expunged from your record, even for first-time offenders. While the law allows first-time misdemeanor offenses to be expunged, most felonies are not eligible.

As a Southaven criminal defense lawyer, I can help if you’re facing a fraud, theft, or forgery charge in North Mississippi. Deciding what option is best is going to depend on the facts of the case. You may wish to petition the court for probation and a suspended sentence, possibly with a chance to keep the charge from being a permanent conviction. On the other hand, if you believe you are innocent and want to challenge the government’s case, you’ll have to go to trial. Either course is going to require a thorough review of the case and an understanding of all the evidence. For help with your legal matter, please contact me today.

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