Southaven Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Desoto County and Tunica, Mississippi Traffic Tickets

If you have received a traffic citation in Southaven, you may be worried about having to pay more in insurance premiums with a conviction on your record. You’re probably not looking forward to having to go to court and spend hours waiting just to admit guilt and pay a fine. Before you do that, contact a Southaven traffic ticket lawyer

I can help you. I can go to court for you and work to get the ticket dismissed or reduced to a lesser offense. I can save you money by keeping the ticket off your driving record, thus avoiding points which increase insurance payments. I can save you the time and hassle of having to wait at court and stand in line.

Some of the traffic matters I handle include:
•Seat Belt Law Violations
•Failure to Obey Traffic Control Signals
•Right-of-Way Violations
•Taking a Corner Too Closely
•Violation of Financial Responsibility (Not having insurance)
•Unlawful Turns
•Failing to Adequately Restrain a Minor
•Violation of Child in a Safety Seat Laws
•Running a Red Light or Stop Sign
•Improper Vehicle Registration

A traffic citation is a serious matter if you already have points on your record. In Mississippi, if you get too many within a 12-month period you could lose your license. By having a Desoto County traffic ticket lawyer represent you, you’re letting the judge and the prosecutor know that you are serious about your case. As your attorney I will work to have the ticket dismissed and kept off your record. A favorable settlement would likely mean payment of court costs or attendance in driver safety school. However, if that can’t be reached there may be ways to challenge the evidence on the grounds of police error.

To avoid a lengthy, stressful court appearance, and to give yourself a chance to keep your driving record clean, contact Patrick Stegall, a Southaven and Desoto County traffic lawyer.

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