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Charges of domestic violence carry with them not just severe penalties but also a cultural stigma. The words “domestic violence” label you as a violent person that hurts the people who love you. Prepare to be judged harshly by strangers with a conviction like this on your record. In court, however, a case like this often comes down to conflicting statements from individuals who may legitimately remember the same incident in very different ways.

At the law office of Patrick Stegall, Attorney and Counselor, I have spent my career representing clients in criminal defense cases, and I want to help you build a defense against accusations of domestic violence. Working with clients throughout North Mississippi, I thoroughly examine the police reports and statements in determining whether it’s best to resolve the case or take it to trial. While the accused always has a right to a trial, if there is an opportunity to resolve a domestic violence case without the risk of a permanent conviction, I usually recommend the latter option.

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Though a domestic violence conviction on its own is a Class A misdemeanor, it can carry significant penalties and long-term repercussions. Individuals convicted of domestic violence lose their federal second amendment rights, and are permanently forbidden from owning or possessing firearms. A conviction can also permanently impact your ability to get or hold certain jobs.

It is critical that you fight against accusations of
domestic violence to protect your civil rights

Particularly in cases where there is no physical evidence, and the case comes down to conflicting statements, I help you pursue a strong strategy aimed at avoiding conviction. As a Southaven, MS domestic violence lawyer, one tactic that I often employ is talking to the victim to see how they want the case handled. A victim not wanting to press charges does not mean the charge is automatically dismissed, but it can go a long way in negotiating with the prosecutor. I’m proud of my track record for representing criminal defense clients, and I want you to be confident that my office will work closely with you every step of the way, keeping you informed and well represented.

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