If your child has been charged with juvenile delinquency in Desoto County, MS, you probably have many questions about what is going to happen.  Finding out that your son or daughter is being accused of a crime will certainly create stress and anxiety.  You’re probably wondering if your child will go to jail, be expelled from school, or have a permanent conviction on his or her record.  For parents who want more information, a good way to start is to contact an Olive Branch juvenile crimes lawyer.  Your lawyer can answer your questions, review the case, and be your voice during every step of the court proceedings.

The severity of the crime is going to determine how the case is handled.  For violent crimes such as rape or murder, the juvenile may be treated as an adult and tried in the circuit court.  For other felonies such as robbery, burglary, or aggravated assault, the juvenile will be arrested and detained at the juvenile detention center.  Your attorney should ask for a bail hearing as soon as possible (that day or the next) so that the child can be released pending trial.  In setting bail, the judge will consider the facts of the case, whether the child had any previous arrests, and recommendations of the probation officer.

For misdemeanor crimes such as vandalism, possession of alcohol or drugs, or driving under the influence, the child can be detained by police, taken to Youth Court, and not released until his parents or guardian come get him.  A summons will be issued to come to court on a future date, probably within a few weeks.

Whether it’s a misdemeanor or felony, you obviously don’t want your child winding up with a criminal record that will damage her chances for a good job and acceptance into a university.  A good Desoto County juvenile defense lawyer can negotiate with the prosecutor for a reduction of the charge, or a deferment where the case is dismissed after a period of probation.  This is usually available for first-time offenders.  Depending on the type of case, probation may require periodic reporting back to court, taking drug tests, attending alcohol or drug safety classes, and paying restitution.

Alternatively, if you and your child are convinced of his innocence and do not want to make an admission to a crime he didn’t commit, you need to prepare for trial.  This may require subpoenaing documents or witnesses and hiring an investigator.

Youth court delinquency matters can effect the entire family.  It helps to have an experienced advocate on your side.  Contact Patrick Stegall, an Olive Branch juvenile criminal lawyer, if your son or daughter has been charged with a crime.  You can reach him at (901) 205-9894 or pstegall@stegall-law.com.

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